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Romanian company formation
The Romanian Constitution currently restricts the right of ownership of Romanian land to Romanian citizens, Romanian companies and other legal entities. However, it is possible for non-Romanians to invest in land in Romania by using a Romanian limited liability company as the owning vehicle. There is no restriction on foreign ownership of such companies.

In an active market, delays to the completion of transactions can be dangerous and result in the deal being lost. We would therefore advise prospective buyers intending to use a Romanian Company as a property-holding vehicle to create a company as soon as possible without waiting until they have found the property they wish to purchase.

The Property Management Company can set up a Romanian Company for you without it being necessary for you to make a trip to Romania thus enabling you to come to Romania and carry out your property acquisition without any unnecessary delays.
To discuss your requirements, please either contact us by email or call us directly on (+40) 31 804 66 60